Lidl food stores offer a comprehensive selection of domestic hits and international favorites for those of you who are looking for low prices and hassle-free shopping.

Pamper your taste buds with oven-fresh delicacies from our bakery, and take your pick of the seasonal harvest in our produce section – our stores receive a new delivery of fruits and vegetables every day.

At Lidl, you’ll also find consumer goods that change weekly, making every shopping trip a new adventure. Our international Lidl Plus benefits program brings services, up-to-date information and a wealth of member discounts right to your phone. Read more about the Lidl Plus app on our website, so you can be at the forefront of savings!

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 07-22
Sat 08-22
Sun 10-21

Exceptional opening hours
  • Vappuaatto 7-22
  • Vappupäivä 10-22
  • Juhannusviikko (ke) 7-22
  • Juhannusviikko (to) 7-22
  • Juhannusaatto 8-21
  • Juhannuspäivä 11-20
  • Juhannusviikko (su) 10-22

Location in the Mall

K1 floor