Hi and welcome to our new website!

We have created this fresh new site just for you.

At our new site you can find information about Citycenter itself but also about our shops, services, cafés and restaurants. Whether you're looking for opening hours, contact information, new shops and services, you can find it all at this website.

In case you're looking for information how to arrive Citycenter or what kind of services we have, take a look at our most popular site: at the Info-site you'll find the locations of ATM's and restrooms, most convenient ways to arrive and our contact details.

If you'd like to take a deeper look at Citycenter, you're welcome to read our story and history which can alse be found at the Info-site.

Do you feel like something's missing at the site? Whether you have a suggestion or feedback in mind for us, feel free to use your feedback form which can be filled at the Info-site.

See you at Citycenter!


Best regards,

Mervi, Annaliina, Heidi and Niko

Team Citycenter