Experience Finland's first artificial intelligence exhibition in Helsinki

Ana Bauer: HELSINKI BENEATH 3rd June – 1st September 2024   |    Look beneath the surface and see Helsinki in a new way.


"Helsinki Beneath" shows different locations of the world's happiest capital from perspectives that challenge Western perception of well-being and its price. However, there is hope in everything – you just have to look beneath the surface.

The exhibition of emerging German artist Ana Bauer is Finland's first artificial intelligence exhibition, where all of the content has been created with the help of artificial intelligence - even the artist herself.

Experience the unique exhibition at Citycenter 1st Floor from 3rd June – 1st September 2024.


Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10 AM - 8 PM

Sat 10 AM - 7 PM

Sun 12 AM - 6 PM

Midsummer June 21-23 Fri-Sun 12 AM - 6 PM

The exhibition is admission free.



Citycenter's "Helsinki Beneath" is Ana Bauer's first commissioned exhibition. In her works, Bauer deals with topics that are current and important, but which are often ignored unintentionally or on purpose.  Although the themes deal with the dark side of society, there is always hope in them, which the viewer must find by looking beneath the surface.


Artist Anabel "Ana" Bauer

Born 1982, Berlin, Germany

German-Spanish Bauer first became known as a photographer. In recent years, she has focused on creating generative art. Bauer draws inspiration for her life and art from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the hope and positivity it created.

 With her works, Bauer aims to break down the walls between people and increase empathy, bringing out painful subjects from behind the pictures. Her work is multi-layered and experiential, with which Bauer wants to create genuine emotions in the viewer.

Bauer's approach to painful topics has been described as inspiring and innovative. The German Kaltblut magazine named Bauer on its list of the 20 most interesting artists of the 2020s.

Bauer has presented her art outside her home country in several different exhibitions, but Citycenter's "Helsinki Beneath" is Ana Bauer's first commissioned exhibition.

The exhibition itself is an example of modern creativity utilizing artificial intelligence - just like the artist herself.