Encounters at the rainbow stairs

Citycenter is Helsinki Pride partner 2022!

Finlands biggest human rights and cultural event, Helsinki Pride Week, celebrates the rainbow community and equality is held again from 27 June to 3 July 2022.The theme of this years Pride Week is ''Encounters'' which aims to highlight the basic mission of Helsinki Pride: to enable people to meet and to support community through these encounters. We have met each other at Citycenter since 1967 and for the first time Citycenter is Helsinki Pride's proud partner in 2022!

At Citycenter, we flag visually for human rights and equality during Pride month and especially during Helsinki Pride Week. Our goal is to increase equality and the visibilty of the rainbow community. We encourage to communality and encounters now when it's possible again.

Capture encounters in Pride-stairs <3

The official Pride meeting palce is built in Citycenter, Saarinen's yard: the rainbow stairs and with a spectacular floral arch with the colors of the rainbow is a perfect meeting spot. Arrange your date under the arch and capture your encounter as a memory.

We work as Helsinki Pride partner and at the same time we are also on a learning journey and ready to develop us and our environment to be more equal within our opportunities. At Citycenter we hope to provide a safe meeting place for everyone all year round.

Welcome to meet at the center of Helsinki!

Read more about Helsinki Pride event: Pride.fi/en