Here in Citycenter sun provides our energy

We got our own solar power plant, which makes our journey towards carbon neutrality one step closer. 

In September 2021 a solar power plant was completed on our roof which is estimated to generate about 39 megawatt hours of solar energy annually. This means nearly 10,000 kilos of annual CO2
reductions in our property.

The solar power plant supports our owner Sponda's goal of achieving full carbon neutrality during operation by 2030 for all properties. The solar power plant built on the roof of the shopping centre
already has very good results from our colleague shopping centre Elo in Ylöjärvi.

Citycenter have a solar power plant built on the roof of the high office part of the shopping centre. Utilizing solar energy significantly reduces the need for purchased electricity, as we utilize solar energy
ourselves as much as possible. Any overproduction will not be wasted because it will be sold for the benefit of others. The installation of the solar power plant went so professionally that the daily life
of the busy shopping centre was not disturbed at all.

Utilizing solar energy is a significant climate act, says Mervi Jäntti, Director of the Shopping Centre. Responsibility is part of Citycenter's brand promise and its own power plant is a significant concrete
achievement, which is also appreciated by our tenants and consumer customers, Mervi adds.

We enjoy solar energy all year round, enjoy it yourself too!